My first post: what this blog will be about and what the X-Men mean to me


Welcome to my blog about the X-Men comics. Since this is my first post, I’ll just use it to introduce myself and tell you what this blog will be all about.

So, hey guys, my name is Marius, I’m 17 years old and from Dortmund (Germany), I’ve been reading the X-Men comics for 6 years now and they have slowly become one of the most important things in my life. Obviously, I’m not a native speaker. But i’m in an advanced english course, so it will probably be enough to communicate with you. A german blog wouldn’t be an option since there’s not really a german X-Men fanbase that i know about. At least not when it comes to the comics. Well, however, it’s gonna be alright, I hope. I’ll already apologize for potential mistakes in the future.

What else can i tell you about me? I’m a student in 12th grade (which is the last year in Northrein-Westphalia, where I come from, so I’ll be writing my Abitur-Exams (finals) in a few months). Im really into philosophy, alternative/punk-music, video games (Titanfall, Pokemon…) and, obviously, comic books. But the X-Men have a very special place in my heart.

So what do the X-Men mean to me?

I’ll start like this: there’s really much hatred in this world. You might want to think that especially in a country like Germany that has a certain history, racism shouldn’t be a thing any longer. Well, unfortunately, thats not the truth. But it’s not only racism. Homophobia, hatred against certain religions… in the society we have today, you can still be hated for what you are. It’s horrible. This is the 21st century!

Two examples:

You probably haven’t heard of that, but with the PEGIDA demonstrations in Germany, we have a new wave of hatred against muslims rising. People start arguing that Islam is not a peaceful religion and that it’s a menace for german culture. Just yesterday, I read a comment on YouTube that had many upvotes basically saying that we should destroy all mosques, put politicians that support “islamization” into concentration camps (???) and forbid the entire religion. And the person writing this comment claimed that if we don’t do that, the muslims will take control of the country together with left-wing activists and the left/green gouvernment in order to kill all christians. So you can see that there’s really much hatred in Germany. I’ll probably make a particular post about that stuff where i compare what’s going on in Germany right now with certain scenes in the X-Books.


The second example would be german YouTubers, especially people who upload Call of Duty videos and comment them. Well, some of them are decent people. But most of them, for some reason, start to include homophobic statements into their videos. It’s all like “i don’t want to see two men kissing, it’s disgusting!”. Or sentences like “i don’t have anything against homosexuals, as long as they don’t act like homosexuals and keep for themselfs!”. So homophobia is also a thing.

The fact that these things slowly start to become more and more present in the society I live in makes the X-Men more and more important to me. For me, and for so many other people, the X-Men are about tolerance and peace. It’s a story about living in a world that hates and fears you, just because you’re different. I, personally, don’t live in a world that hates and fears me, but the fact that so many people are makes me sad. You should think that in an open-minded society like the one we live in, nobody should experience these thing.

Of course, this is not the only reason i love the X-Men. There are so many other reasons. The hundreds of great characters, my favourite characters being Cyclops, Kitty and Rogue. The time-travel/multiverse stuff that I always loved as a kid and that’s still fascinating for me today. Eras of great and epic stories about loss, tragedy, friendship, love, heatred and a big, wonderful family. These all are the reasons I love the X-Men. But the number one reason will always be what the X-Men are about. Which is why that took long to explain, It’s just so important to me. And I know that many of you feel exactly the same way.

So I really hope you enjoyed my first post and will enjoy the stuff I’ll be posting in the future. I’ll be posting my opinions on certain topics, writing reviews about new issues and other X-related stuff. So, see you later, X-Fans!


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